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Episode Reviews
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Reviews and favorite episodes:

Here I'll write reviews of each episode of my favorite show. If the show has been on for a while, I might also include annotated descriptions of past episodes on this page.

1. "Pokémon I Choose You!"
Air date: 9/8/1998

     Ash Ketchum is now 10 and therfore able to become a pokémon trainer. The problem is, he sleeps in after smashing his alarm clock thinking that it was a pokéball! When he wakes up he arrives at Oak's lab while still wearing his pajamas only to find out that all 3 of the standard starting pokémon are taken. All that is left is a pikachu that electrocutes everybody. Ash soon finds out that this pikachu hates both him and pokéballs. This means that he has to drag it along.
     These are not Ash's only problems: After trying and failing repeatedly to catch a pokémon, he acidentaly hits one in the head with a rock! soon a flock of pokémon chase him down.
     To find out if Ash's journy should have ended right there, see the episode!

Awsome pilot that I've viewed many times!
P.S. The first episode of Diamond & Pearl begins in a VERY similar fasion...

Grade (on a scale of 10): 8

Favorite Episode

421. "Sweet Baby James"

Inspired by nick and kevin's pokémon fan site at